Encoder Accessories

Flexible Shaft Couplings

  • High Transmission Accuracy: The encoder coupling is characterized by high transmission accuracy, which can effectively transmit the motion information from the encoder input to the output, ensuring the encoder accurately measures and feeds back the motion status of the measured target.
  • Durability and load capacity: Made of high-quality materials, it is able to operate stably under extreme working conditions such as high speed, high load, high torque, etc.
  • Low backlash: It can reduce errors and deviations and ensure more accurate and reliable encoder measurement results.
  • Easy plugging and unplugging: Compact structure, convenient plugging and unplugging design, which is convenient for users to quickly replace or adjust the coupling, and improve the efficiency of maintenance and replacement.
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Encoder Technology



10bit, 12bit, 15bit, 17bit

Maximum Revolutions

3000rpm(Single turn are 8000rpm)


Single turn

Communicate Protocol

Modbus RTU

IP Rating

IP54, IP68, Ex

Shaft Diameter




Shaft Type

Solid, Hollow

Minimum Operating Temperature

-40 °C

Supply Voltage

5 → 30 V

Maximum Operating Temperature

85 °C

Connection Type

Male Connector

Mounting Type

Flange Mount


High protection level
Shock/Vibration resistant
Reverse polarirty protection
Wide range temperature
Analog output
MEMS sensors technology
Horizontal version
Vertical version
High accuracy
High repeatability
Directive 2011/65/EU
EU Conformity


The Absolute encoders set standards when it comes to mechanical adaptation, communication and resistance to environmental influences. With their rotatable male connector or cable connection as well as various mounting hole patterns and adapter flanges, these encoders are suitable for nearly any application. The CANopen, CANbus, RS485 Modbus RTU, Analog and SSI interfaces enable easy integration into various control environments. Encoder configuration can be adapted to individual needs using various tools.
The rugged, reliable, fully magnetic sensor system provides a maximum resolution of 17 bits (single turn) or 21600turns (multitier). Due to the stainless steel design and enclosure rating IP68, the Inox versions are suitable for use under very harsh ambient conditions.


Data Sheet
DS0034 R00 TLA200 Analogue
3D File
3D M0011 R00 TLA200-M12

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